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Corona acts like a Catalyst that accelerates Conversion in Business Fleets

The Manufacturer of Fleet Management Software and Fleet Apps community4you prepares for the Rise of alternative Mobility Solutions.

Corona acts like a Catalyst for the Conversion of Company Fleets towards alternative Modes of Mobility
In 2020, Corona clearly showed how crisis-proof companies are. Often the resources were missing to be able to react flexibly. Working from the home office is by no means possible everywhere. Wherever people cannot be garanteed enough space to keep their safe distance, where supply chains are interrupted or orders collapse, offices are empty and machines are idle. While the revenues collapse, maintenance costs continue to accumulate.

In 2020, the wheels of the vehicle fleets also stood still in many places. To this day, many companies have only allowed their employees to go on business trips if they are absolutely necessary. This also leads fleet managers to reconsider. The conversion of the company fleets is in full swing.

Requirements for Fleet Management Software are changing

Uwe Bauch, President - community4you AG
The demand for fleet management software persists. Companies know what benefits they can expect from the acquisition of professional business software: the intelligent networking of data and processes saves effort, time and, thanks to improved controlling, ultimately also money. Thanks to cloud computing, we can also make mobile work from home possible without any problems. That is an investment in future viability. But the requirement profiles are changing. We are receiving more and more inquiries about the establishment of vehicle pools, the integration of subsidized and tax-preferred electric mobility and the integration of external mobility providers. The vehicle fleets are becoming smaller and more agile.

comm.fleet facilitates the Switch to new Technologies

Lavinio Cerquetti, Vice President community4you AG
What kind of vehicle and what kind of engine technology our customers may use initially makes no technical difference for us. For our customers this means that no expensive adjustments are necessary if at some point requirements change and vans are replaced by cars or other special vehicles or vehicles with a hydrogen engine, etc. Nevertheless, we have of course adjusted our fleet software to a number of special requirements. The biggest reservations about electric cars e.g. are still there because of the charging process. While charging an electric car is not the same as filling up an internal combustion engine, with our fleet management software comm.fleet, fleet managers can remotely monitor the battery level, simply plan charging times and also check the times of the day when the electricity is the cheapest. This is how we make the change from an organizational point of view as easy as possible.

The software modules of the comm.fleet product line remain a fitting solution even in turbulent times: because every customer has individual requirements for data acquisition and data processing, the software adapts to their needs. Users can easily adjust the fields and columns at any time and add new ones without any special IT knowledge. External providers can be connected via interfaces. In this way, companies can often do without their own vehicles and still remain mobile.