Digital claims management in the vehicle fleet: Not according to the book

Community4you introduces new mobile application for damage reporting and claims management

Digital claims management in the vehicle fleet: Community4you presents a new mobile application for damage reporting and claims management
The European market leader for fleet management software, community4you AG, has presented an innovative mobile application for claims management and damage reporting in the vehicle fleet. The application will be integrated into the product and will bring new functionalities for both drivers and fleet managers.

Felix Baude, Fleet Consultant at community4you, explains:
Felix Baude, Fleet Consultant, community4you AG
Often paper-based forms still prevail in the vehicle fleets. For each and every process there is a form that needs to be filled out. Today, in many companies it is common practice that these forms then have to be laboriously checked and reworked, that information has to be typed up and that piles of paper have to be filed away. Due to existing system breaks and missing interfaces, data often has to be recorded several times. This can quickly lead to deviations. Such inconsistent data then creates more problems.
With the mobile driver portal, community4you offers the opportunity to digitize administrative processes - in particular for companies which have a large vehicle fleet, high mobility requirement and thus particularly high administrative costs.
The standard we have been offering in so far is a fully digital web-based form. All information is prepared in such a way that it can be automatically transferred to our fleet management system comm.fleet and then sent directly by the fleet team to other parties involved in the process, such as insurers or lawyers. Because our applications access a central database and offer various interfaces, multiple entry of information is unnecessary. With the new claims management and damage reporting module, we go one step further. Instead of a static form, it enables us to create individual processes.
The great advantage can be seen in the example of different types of damages. For example, in the case of quite simple glass damage, significantly less information is required than in the case of a traffic accident involving several vehicles. By differentiating sparendigital processes, the data that is really necessary can always be queried in a targeted manner. This practice saves data on the one hand and is user-friendly on the other. Information about the vehicle and the driver, which is already known to the system, can be filled in automatically using a quick selection. This makes the complete recording of a process even faster and improves both the data quality and user acceptance.

The individual types of damage and process steps can be individualized by the customer. The software from community4you does not necessarily redefine processes, but rather transfers the actually existing processes exactly into the digital world. There are also extensive options for recording additional objects such as trailers, animals, other passengers or other damaged objects such as houses or entrance gates. Of course, damage pictures can also be attached and a police report can be registered.
With the new mobile application, drivers can now temporarily save their damage reports and process them digitally in several steps. You can therefore first record data at the scene of the accident and complete your information later when you are back in the office.
On the fleet management side, companies can not only look forward to better data quality. With additional authorization functions, employees can be used specifically for the release of damage reports - without having to grant them access to more in-depth data or functions of the fleet management software.

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