supports the leasing operations of Raiffeisen-IMPULS-Leasing

The software product of community4you AG is in use at one of the major leasing companies of Southern Germany.


Raiffeisen-IMPULS Finance & Lease GmbH, founded in Passau, belongs with its sites in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, as well as numerous offices abroad to the leading leasing providers of Southern Germany. The manufacturer-independent leasing company acts as a full service provider that offers besides real estate and movable leasing also sales financing, as well as services concerning fleet management. Currently, the company is taking care of about 5,000 customers with over 12,000 contracts.

Raiffeisen-IMPULS-Leasing has choosen with the leasing management software an innovative product of the software manufacturer community4you AG. supports the lessor with efficient management for all leasing and financing agreements, with  quotation costing and the management of leasing objects and vehicles. Raiffeisen-IMPULS-Leasing is optimally positioned for national and international leasing business thanks to excellent software functionalities, like the complete function coverage, the integrated reporting tool, the intelligent client management and the revision-safe archiving of all documents.

The performance of the integration platform open-EIS emerged once again during the implementation, particularly by taking into account that the lessee operates very bank-related. Thanks to the variety of interfaces and the solid technical basis all customer requirements could be implemented - from audit safety through a full integration in the accounting processes up to the reporting system according to HGB and IFRS and the regulatory reporting (Finrep/Corep).

With we have a solution which precisely meets the needs of our company. The management of our large number of leasing agreements has become considerably more efficient with a simultaneous reduction in costs. The consistent software environment provides us with an automated handling of all leasing processes and ensures optimised processes and maximum transparency.
Jochen Seitz, Managing Director Raiffeisen-IMPULS Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH & Co.KG
community4you AG provides a wide range of mutually interoperable enterprise software products based on their own integration platform open-EIS. These software applications possess outstanding unique features like integration capacity, high scalability and reliability.
Ringo Sasse, Head of Department - community4you AG
With the implementation of our product we have demonstrated once again the performance and flexible adabtability of our leasing management software. The powerful interface architecture has enabled the complex integration in bank-related business processes and the existing financial accounting system. Customer requirements like auditing security, a HGB and IFRS conform reporting system as well as the technical standards FINREP/COREP have been fulfilled hassle-free. This makes a perfect tool for an international operating company such as Raiffeisen-IMPULS Leasing.
Ringo Sasse, Head of Department community4you AG
The software is part of the comm.fleet product line, which consists of the following - mutually compatible - products: