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Digitization and automation with the comm.fleet product line - Visit community4you AG on "FLEET! The Industry Meeting", A chance for fleet managers to learn why fleet management in the future will be innovation leadership.

Digitization and automation with the comm.fleet product line - Visit community4you AG on "FLEET! The Industry Meeting",

Even without a glass ball is possible: a glimpse in the future of fleet management
Digitization and automation are not a barrier for the fleet and logistics industry anymore. Most recently, the Internet was mainly used as an access portal for knowledge and communication, but currently it is experiencing a rapid digital transformation to the "Internet of Things and Services". This development will also change the traditional one-dimensional concept of fleet management as purchase controlling. Whereas cost savings were the main focus in the past, the digital fleet management in the future will primarily be characterized by how quickly and precisely all existing information from telematics systems as well as data from your own and third-party systems can be integrated into a real insight, which in turn for the Optimization of the vehicle fleet ensures.

The central role of mobile apps in the digitization of fleet management
Modern fleet management requires the flexibility and maximum speed that can only be provided by mobile applications. Excel sheets, folders with fuel receipts, and handwritten logbooks are no longer needed. Nowadays, end users such as drivers are integrated into the mobile apps and thus directly in the fleet processes. The data is collected promptly and directly on-site, a single sweep of a finger is enough to trigger all subsequent processes in real time. The connection of the mobile apps to the fleet management system eliminates the duplicate data collection and retention. This close integration and the proactive integration of mobile users make the systems faster and, above all, smarter. Moreover, intelligent apps also enable a paradigm shift: previously, processes were mapped from paper form to the digital world; now it is possible to develop completely new processes from the digitized processes that are efficient, secure and take all data protection requirements into account.

Digitization and automation with the comm.fleet product line - Visit community4you AG on "FLEET! The Industry Meeting",

Tomorrow's fleet requires networked intelligence
In order to develop the potentials of the digital fleet in the future, besides close cooperation between manufacturers, public institutions and IT, real-time data collection is a major advantage. The real-time input in a mobile app makes it possible to carry out further processing safely and quickly. The emerging new processes are seamlessly integrated into the entire fleet management, duplicate data collection is prevented and a high level of security and GDPR conformity of the processes is ensured. In the future, the components, consisting of powerful backend systems and intelligent mobile apps, will grow together to form ‘Connected Mobility’: from a classic controlling instrument to genuine innovation management.

Janko Nebel, Uwe Bauch & Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of directors - community4you AG
Connected Mobility will play a decisive role in determining the future of the fleet and logistics industry. Based on future-proof and data protection-compliant technologies, we accompany the industry on the way to ‘Logistics 4.0’ with innovative software and smart apps.
Janko Nebel, Uwe Bauch & Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of directors community4you AG



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