The future of fleet management software: community4you AG in an interview with a fleet magazine

The era of excel files is over. Increasingly interconnected vehicles call for new solutions. Most software providers have already reacted | bfp fuhrpark + management": the independent trade magazine for fleet administrators invited community4you to an interview.

The future of fleet management software: community4you AG in an interview with a fleet magazine

Inspection schedules, driving licence checks, planning and documenting leasing intervals, identifying when and why which car was repaired, recording fees, managing car washes or fuel bills, deploying vehicles and staff economically and efficiently - these are just a few topics for which various providers offer web-based solutions. In an ideal circumstance, interfaces ensure that other systems used in the company are also included in the analysis of the data. These can be logistics software, route planning, payroll accounting or warehouse management. In choosing the right supplier, it is usually advantageous if the connection for the fleet manager is as freely configurable as possible in order to respond individually and practically to the needs of your own company.

Sabine Neumann - editor of the trade magazine bfp fuhrpark + management - discussed these topics with community4you AG, amongst others.

Fleet Management Software: Apps for mobile management
community4you, for instance has undertaken the task of being able to promptly access the requested data at any time. Its comm.fleet product line, in connection with the module can be run and displayed on all supported devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks or PCs.

In addition, there are various apps for mobile fleet management, which specifically target topics such as scheduling, vehicle configurator, claims management, reporting or an online driver and customer portal. Through uniform user administration and authentication, the access permission for different user groups -employees, customers, partners, sales staff and service providers- can be customized securely and efficiently.

Janko Nebel, Uwe Bauch, Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of directors - community4you AG
Janko Nebel, Uwe Bauch, Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of directors - community4you AG

Make complex things vivid
In order to understand how such complex processes can be illustrated clearly, one needs not only the comprehensive knowledge of a fleet manager but also that of an IT specialist. community4you has specially created a platform called open-EIS for this purpose. It forms the fundamental basis on which individual, technically separate application components can be combined to create an unique solution.

This offers not only the possibility to integrate your own systems flexibly, but also to include "hybrid and multi-cloud environments". What sounds like science fiction, are already existing cloud models: With a hybrid cloud, the computing power, storage space or other services can be dynamically scaled as required. A multi-cloud enables the parallel use of cloud services and platforms from several providers. The practical benefit: As a fleet manager, you can quickly and easily adapt the architecture of the software to changing times.

Relief for the fleet manager
Since 2011, community4you has been gaining experience based on the comm.fleet software - in cooperation with RWE, amongst others. The project "metropol-E" was carried out in the city of Dortmund and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs with the aim to increase the practicability of electro mobility in metropolitan regions.

comm.fleet was used for the implementation of booking and reservation systems for the dynamic availability check of vehicles, the vehicle reservation and the management of vehicle master data.

Source: Abstract from "bfp fleet + management": Sabine Neumann | Fleet Management Software: Updates for (the day after) tomorrow