"Excel was yesterday": Pro7Sat.1 Media relies on the competence of the fleet software of community4you AG

"Autoflotte": The magazine for the fleet market invited to the topic "Fleet World 2018: Fleet Software in use" for an interview.

"Excel was yesterday": Pro7Sat.1 Media relies on the competence of the fleet software of community4you AG

Controlling | Klaus Hirschbeck has been managing the medium-sized fleet of the media company Pro7Sat.1 Media for eight years. In the beginning managing a fleet started with an Excel spreadsheet, nowadays the spreadsheet has been replaced with a fleet management software.

Klaus Hirschbeck is responsible for the fleet of the DAX media company ProSiebenSat.1 Media. In total 421 vehicles were managed until four years ago with the help of an Excel spreadsheet. Today, Hirschbeck uses the fleet software comm.fleet from community4you and he is convinced of the benefits: "The big advantage is the structured overview of all the data. This concerns the data of the individual vehicles as well as the information about all users."

Instead of Excel, he uses today the display options of the system. “There are many different areas of application”, confirms the fleet manager, but admits that only about 25 percent of the possibilities of application offered by the software are in use. "This is a process that is slowly building up."

Five car dealerships | Data for the software comes from the lessors. The DAX group cooperates with five car dealerships in Greater Munich: Audi, VW, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as the captives (VW Leasing, Mercedes-Benz Bank) and non-captives (Alphabet, Santander). To get acquainted with the new data world, a two-day training course took place. "To adapt comm.fleet to our needs, we used our previous Excel spreadsheet as a blueprint. After the training we reached the consensus “Software instead of Excel", remembers Hirschbeck and starts to smile.

This worked well from day one, since support has shown to work fast and reliable. "Every change in the system, for example, an additional line in the data mask, I coordinated since then with the Chemnitz based company. This works perfectly with the contact persons", commented the fleet head. This good connection to Saxony is also evident in the area of claims management. Meanwhile, Coralix, the fleet service provider and group brother of community4you, is also part of the service provider portfolio and manages the claims management of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media fleet.

Internal solution | Until the change-over to comm.fleet, an external fleet manager took care of a few fleet processes. Then the control was brought back to the ​​responsibility of Hirschbeck, who has been managing vehicles and company car drivers for eight years from Unterföhring. Hirschbeck is further expanding the possibilities of integrating the software even more in his work. “Currently, we are working on automatically generated reminder emails from the system that will be sent out to company car drivers, indicating the driver to which garage they should drive to change tires”, reports the fleet manager. Further elements should follow. It is planned to let the fuel card data, which comes from DKV, automatically run into the system. "By the beginning of next year, we want to integrate the necessary interface, to make current mileage, fuel levels and warnings of fuel card provider visible in the software" - another step that simplifies the fleet work. 

Klaus Hirschbeck, Fleet manager ProSiebenSat.1 Media | Photo: ProSiebenSat.1 Media
The big advantage of the software is the structured overview of the data for both the vehicle and the user.
Klaus Hirschbeck, Fleet manager ProSiebenSat.1 Media
Source: Autoflotte 11/2017 (in German)
Photo: Klaus Hirschbeck, Fleet manager | ProSiebenSat.1 Media from Autoflotte 11/2017