Digital dovetailing: company portrait of community4you AG in the "Autoflotte" magazine

Far from SAP or Oracle, community4you builds its fleet software on its own platform. The mobile management of numerous fleet tasks becomes very simple.

community4you in Chemnitz is one of those providers who go their own way when it comes to fleet software. The Saxons rely on their own technology platform, which offers modular fleet management with "comm.fleet". The system provides not only mobile fleet and leasing management but also vehicle disposition and deployment optimisation, as well as damage and workshop management, vehicle procurement, object and asset management, and GPS tracking.
Digital dovetailing: company portrait of community4you AG in the "Autoflotte" magazine
Smart driver portal apps
But this is not how the journey ends. "community4you AG keeps pace with the latest trends in digitisation and offers fleet companies a variety of modern solutions to increase their business success. Using our new intelligent driver portal apps opens up numerous optimisation potentials and helps to manage processes more efficiently and thereby increase productivity and reduce costs" explains Uwe Bauch, member of the Board of Directors. Good examples of this are the new intelligent and high-performance apps. For instance, a user can record all cash expenses directly on site. The handover and return of the vehicle is completely paperless: all relevant information such as mileage, fuel level or vehicle condition is registered online.

The mobile management of master data for drivers and vehicles is supported by the extensive master data management functionalities, while location-independent access to all relevant documents, for instance registration documents or insurance documents of the vehicle, is ensured by the integrated document management. Furthermore, the performance and costs mobile applications provide reports and business intelligence on the go.

This is used to analyse total vehicle costs or to compare the cost-benefit ratio with the costs of reference vehicles of the same class or with reference trips. The fleet software products "comm.fleet" and "", moreover, seamlessly support today’s flexible mobility with electric and hybrid vehicles or car sharing, the Saxons promise. For this purpose, the data goes to the cloud. Here, the service provider uses a hybrid solution: the combination of private and public cloud, which increases security and complies with data protection requirements.

This dovetailing of different areas is also a sign of the digital processes in fleet management. The "open-EIS" technology platform ensures that the users of community4you solutions can control and optimise all processes of a digital company - independent of the industrial sector. Bauch justifies this as follows:
Uwe Bauch, President - community4you AG
Thanks to 'open-EIS' we have created a central intelligence that is constantly fed with a lot of data. On the basis of this data, the software can optimise and lighten the load on fleet management processes. From this point on, the customer can fully benefit from the 'intelligence' of the software.
Uwe Bauch, President community4you AG
Eastern Europe in focus
This cornerstone enables optimisation and automation of processes in large companies with decentralised fleets. Furthermore, the gaze is also directed to the east. Therefore, a branch office has been established in Tbilisi in April 2019.

Source: Autoflotte 06/2019 (in German)