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comm.fleet: Intelligent fleet management for Deutsche Börse AG

The innovative fleet software of community4you AG supports the Frankfurt financial services provider in its fleet management.

City police Zurich: Round-the-clock operation with fleet management software from community4you AG

The Swiss police authority relies on the market leader comm.fleet for fleet management.

Fleet Association Austria: community4you AG becomes a new supporting member

The association represents the interests of the fleet managers operating on the Austrian market and is supported by the Chemnitz based business software manufacturer.

community4you AG buys STRATOS

The business software manufacturer for fleet and leasing management is continuing its growth strategy.

Flotte! Der Branchentreff 2018: Future-proofing the digital fleet with the innovative comm.fleet product line

community4you AG presented its intelligent software solutions at the trade fair in Düsseldorf on March 21st to 22nd.

Plant manufacturer KHS relies on fleet software comm.fleet

Maximum efficiency and higher performance through professional software from community4you AG.

community4you AG: State-of-the-art cloud scenarios for mobile fleet management

With, the mobile fleet and leasing portal, the business software manufacturer offers the perfect software for modern vehicle fleet processes.

community4you AG offers attractive IT career chances

The global player for fleet and leasing software presents future-proof job offers in the IT branch at the career fairs “ChemCon” and “Bundeswehr Contact forum".

Fleet management software by community4you AG in use at BKW in Switzerland

The international acting energy and infrastructure company relies on comm.fleet and for the fleet management.

Focus on the customer - 4 reasons for digital fleet management

On the 21st and 22nd of March 2018, community4you AG will present the sophisticated spectrum of their comm.fleet product line at the trade fair ”FLOTTE! Der Branchentreff“ in Dusseldorf.

Industry Award 2017: community4you AG - award for fleet and leasing management software

comm.fleet and take the lead in the category "ERP“ & "industry software“ and are therefore two of the most innovative IT-products.

"Excel was yesterday": Pro7Sat.1 Media relies on the competence of the fleet software of community4you AG

"Autoflotte": The magazine for the fleet market invited to the topic "Fleet World 2018: Fleet Software in use" for an interview.

Modern fleets are no longer viable without comprehensive digitisation

The federal broadband office of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure invited Uwe Bauch, the president of the board of the community4you AG, to an interview for the information campaign "Broadband@Mittelstand".

community4you AG at the Bundeswehr Contact Forum 4.0 in Dresden

The global player for fleet and leasing software offers attractive career opportunities for temporary and professional officers.