TOP 100: community4you AG is among the most innovative companies of Germany

The software manufacturer from Chemnitz belongs to the innovation elite and has been awarded by the TOP 100 supervisor Ranga Yogeshwar on 24th of June 2016.

TOP 100: community4you AG is among the most innovative companies of Germany
TOP 100: community4you AG is among the most innovative companies of Germany

In the TOP 100 innovation contest the most innovative small and medium-sized companies have been awarded this year for the 23th time. In 2016 community4you AG belongs to the innovative elite. The company has participated in a sophisticated selection procedure based on scientific criteria, in which innovation management and innovation success have been at the core of the evaluation. The supervisor of the innovation contest Ranga Yogeshwar has awarded the prize at a ceremony that took place in Essen on 24th June, 2016 as part of the summit of German small and medium-sized Business

The community4you AG has convinced the jury by achieving scores above the average in the evaluation. Creative employees, courage for innovation and sophisticated marketing strategy for new products have made it possible for us to be in the TOP 100. Already the company’s foundation in 2001 was based on a radical novelty and was marked by a high level of creativity and zest for  innovation. community4you AG was the first small and medium-sized company to develop a proprietary technological, integration plattform - open-EIS. On its basis, application modules can be mutually combined into an end-to-end software solution, fully customised to the individual customer requirements.  This approach was so far reserved to industry giants such as SAP and IBM. community4you AG, aware of is technological lead against its competitors, could establish itself as a European market leader for  fleet management software solutions. More than half of all DAX-listed companies are our customers and are currently managing over half a million of vehicles and objects with our top-notch products for fleet and leasing management.

Mr. Bauch and  Ranga Yogeshwar at the award ceremony | Source: KD Busch/compamedia
Mr. Bauch and Ranga Yogeshwar at the award ceremony | Source: KD Busch/compamedia

Despite the resounding success we are striving for more growth in the future. Continuous success is our strategic aim, therefore community4you AG will further rely on the high innovation power further rely on the high innovation power of all its employees. Open-mindedness for new ideas and a structured innovation management are our prerequisite to belong in the future as well to the innovation elite of Germany. In addition to a steady further development of our established software products and new developments, the company is characterised by continuous enhancement of internal processes.    

Innovation means for us the capability to continuously optimise internal processes or to reorganise them completely. For this reason we analyse our processes self-critically.
Uwe Bauch, President community4you AG

Our ranking in TOP 100 is an important milestone in the history of the company. We could prevail over more than 4000 companies from throughout Germany which applied for participation in TOP 100. Merely 366 competitors reached the qualification round of the sophisticated selection procedure. From the 284 finalists only 238 have made the leap into one of the three categories of TOP 100, maximally 100 in all three categories. In the five evaluation categories, innovation-oriented top management, innovative climate, innovative processes and organisation, innovation marketing/ outward orientation and innovative success, more than 100 parameters have been evaluated from Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team from the faculty for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the university of Economics in Vienna.     

Therewith the TOP 100 members represent model companies for their industries and have a great positive impact on other companies and the German economic region in general. This is reflected in the number of awarded companies. As a direct impact from innovative power are regarded above-average company growth, market leadership, a high number of patent applications, and top positions in new employment rankings. 

The TOP 100 supervisor, the scientific journalist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar is fascinated by the qualities of the company and hopes for a „signaling effect“:

It is really impressive how the TOP 100 develop new ideas and transform them into path-breaking services. I am happy that the award makes visible these qualities. Furthermore I hope that your success will encourage other companies to do the same, as the culture of innovation will gain in importance in the future.
Ranga Yogeshwar, Supervisor of TOP 100 Scientific journalist and TV presenter