Claims Management

Compact, powerful, easy to use

With comm.fleet you can streamline and simplify your claims management workflows, optimise the workload of your team for the processing of manual tasks and increase your overall efficiency.

In detail this means:

  • Centralised administration of all claims workflows and information including damage date, time, involved parties, etc.
  • The rule-based workflows of comm.fleet allow the quick and effective processing of claims notifications and damage repairs as well as the detailed and consistent documentation of all accidents
  • The electronic damage file supports the efficient storage and retrieval of all documents and information pertaining to claims and damage management such as accident reports, expert reports, police reports, etc.
  • Our intuitive analysis tool provides you with a continuous and up-to-date overview of the processing status of all claims and damage management activities
  • Leverage our integrated business intelligence to track down and streamline the claims management costs at technical, personal and financial level
  • Thanks to the integration with the invoice management workflow comm.fleet supports the automated correlation analysis of repair costs and cost estimations
  • The user-friendly statistical reports for claims, involved parties and vehicles helps you to keep track of and optimise all aspects of claims management
  • The integrated insurance and warranty management guarantees streamlined and traceable processing workflows
  • The automated generation and processing of repair orders improves the efficiency and the response time throughout claims management
  • Take advantage of our online damage form for web and mobile devices to reduce the workload of your staff and improve the efficiency of your claims management workflow