Customer Relationship Management

For your professional customer service

comm.fleet provides a customer relationship and business partner management that encompasses all companies, government agencies and institutions with which business relations exist, as well as all internal and external stakeholders.

In detail this means:

  • Leverage the extensive CRM functionalities integrated in comm.fleet to manage your business partner relationships effectively and optimise all related business processes
  • Take advantage of our extensive driver management, including a full-fledged administration of all qualification and credential information
  • The flexible business partner management (customers, suppliers, service providers, drivers, gas and service stations, insurance companies, etc.) supports you in coordinating and optimising all business activities
  • The integrated address management tool lets you manage centrally and reuse conveniently all address information and address extensions of your business partners and service providers including phone and fax numbers as well as e-mail and internet addresses 
  • Coordinate and streamline your organisational structures with our user-friendly task management, encompassing the definition and assignment of specific tasks and workflows to your employees as well as the process-based controlling of activities and of their completion status
  • Our full-fledged support for the seamless integration of third-party CRM systems guarantees a consistent and standardised information policy across your application boundaries