Electronic Vehicle Record

The easy way to a complete and continuous documentation

comm.fleet lets the vision of a paperless office come true. The integrated document management guarantees instant access to all documents and forms at the touch of a button without the hassle of searching in paper trays.

In detail this means:

  • Leverage the centralised document management of comm.fleet to gain immediate access to all forms and documents
  • Never waste your precious time again looking for information: all documents stored in the electronic archive of comm.fleet can be quickly retrieved process-based or according to your preferred search criteria
  • Centralised document scanning, storage and management (vehicle registration documents, police reports, insurance policies, invoices, accident pictures, etc.)
  • Thanks to our intuitive user interface, control and utilisation of workstation and network scanners becomes a breeze
  • Do you already have a document management infrastructure in place? No problem, it can be seamlessly integrated with comm.fleet