GPS Tracking

Improved efficiency through a high level of transparency

Our GPS tracking module features extensive functionalities for the location management of your vehicles and objects. You can track your mobile objects and assets everywhere and assemble your own telematics solution - encompassing disposition, navigation, tracking and business intelligence.

In detail this means:

  • Vehicle and object tracking in real time
  • The tracking frequency can be configured according to your policy based on object and vehicle type
  • Secure and user-friendly access to both GPS and cell tracking data with a unified and intuitive user interface
  • Let our Individual reports provide you with a clear overview of your fleet and assets
  • Leverage our integrated geofence editor to define interactively the allowed geographical operating range of your vehicles and vehicle classes
  • Full flexibility in the choice of the map material - comm.fleet supports all major operators and lets you personalise the visualisation
  • Take advantage of our workflow management and message centre to structure and standardise your processes
  • Our GPS tracking module can operate as a one-stop-shop and provide you with a comprehensive hardware and software solution, or alternatively your existing GPS hardware can be integrated seamlessly in our telematics platform

The GPS tracking module is covered by the software comm.gps.

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