Mobile and Web Document Portal

Mobile access, full transparency and maximum ease of use

comm.fleet can provide even greater flexibility, time savings and transparency in fleet management with our mobile-ready document portal for all managers, drivers, employees, customers and partners who are involved in the fleet processes.

This module is available on smartphones and tablets as well as a web application for desktop browsers and makes it possible to obtain at any time and place access to all relevant information and to access the interactive business intelligence tools of comm.fleet.

In detail this means:

  • Personalised access to all relevant documents, reports and electronic files from comm.fleet: reports, business intelligence, cost summaries, schedule and task lists, claims reports, business partners, vehicles documents, car policies, etc.
  • Reports and business intelligence documents can be easily defined and customised with the intuitive report design tool, and afterwards stored in the data repository and produced resp. exported interactively at the touch of a button 
  • Flexible configuration for the utilisation by different user groups including customers, partners and service providers
  • Our underlying open-EIS technology guarantees the secure and transparent integration of all data, documents and workflows of comm.fleet, and comm.object
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art mobile and web apps to gain user-friendly and secure access to the document portal from everywhere and on all your devices
  • Online access via Internet browser or mobile app
  • Our full-fledged permission management supports a flexible configuration of access rights at user, user group and client level
  • Continuous and real-time monitoring of all system access and utilisation by authorised customers, external partners and service providers thanks to our centralised security engine