Our solution guarantees efficiency and provides transparency

With comm.fleet you can structure and organise all procurement and order processes and thus control and streamline the entire purchasing workflow. 

In detail this means:

  • Complete mapping of the procurement and order workflow in few clear steps thanks to the comprehensive support for all purchasing activities, from the source determination process up to order generation
  • Choice and configuration of vehicles including fittings and special equipment based on parameterised conditions and individual car policies
  • Leverage our smart business intelligence tools for your cost and usage forecasts, including service and maintenance costs
  • Let our integrated procurement workflows optimise your budgeting, approval and authorisation process based on your company guidelines (e.g. for service and company cars)
  • Increase the degree of automation in your procurement process with the integration of user-friendly vehicle configuration tools operating transparently and automatically according to your company-specific purchasing criteria

Furthermore, you can leverage our software in order to maximise the effectiveness of your procurement workflows. lets you streamline and optimise your vehicle procurement process on the web and on mobile devices, starting from the personalised vehicle configuration and calculation up to the approval workflow and final order.

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