Short-term Rental and Disposition

For a flexible and future-proof mobility concept

comm.fleet supports both, internal corprorate carsharing and external short-term rental of vehicles starting from the reservation and the disposition up to the settlement and invoicing. Independently from the fleet size, comm.fleet delivers an efficient and detailed overview of all your vehicles and helps you to exploit the optimisation potential of your fleet to the full.

In detail this means:

  • comm.fleet helps you to streamline the internal corporate carsharing as well as the reservation, disposition and rental of vehicles to customers and external service providers
  • Leverage the integrated graphical disposition board to coordinate and control all rental and disposition workflows
  • Rental cars and pool vehicles are administered and scheduled automatically based on your car-policy and on additional user-defined criteria
  • Continuous and ongoing optimisation of the vehicle pool utilisation ratio
  • Prioritise electric vehicles for short distances to reduce CO¬≤ emissions 
  • Charging times for electric vehicles are ensured with automatically stored blocking periods
  • Let our integrated scheduling and billing workflows manage the rental and invoicing process based on freely definable cost and rate models 
  • The rental disposition includes a full-fledged administration of parking facilities and parking lots
  • Take advantage of our graphical dashboard and full-fledged reports providing a detailed and personalised overview based on the criteria of your choice (utilisation, costs per kilometre, cost types etc.)
  • Streamline your workflows and provide your users, customers and drivers with a time and location independent access to your vehicle disposition thanks to our web and mobile app