Tyre Management

The ideal administration tool for your tyres

The tyre management of comm.fleet helps you to manage the vehicle tyres of your complete fleet efficiently. It increases the safety of your fleet, minimises accident risks and improves the planning reliability for maintenance and service times as well as enhances the environment friendliness of your fleet. Whether fitted or stocked – the tyre management of comm.fleet provides you with a detailed overview of the stocking, performance and costs of your tyres.

In detail this means:

  • Detailed overview and inventory of all your tyres
  • Tyre type, performance and lifetime information as well as warehouse and fitting location data are anytime available 
  • Automated integration of tyre costs into the operating costs of one or more vehicles
  • Documentation of all movements of single tyres and tyre sets 
  • All tyre related actions starting from stock entry through fitting, recutting and repair up to tyre disposal are recorded and stored historically
  • Accurate overview of tyre performance and lifetime characteristics
  • Precise tyre cost records and evaluations
  • Flexible workflows for tyre checks and services
  • Support for an optimal procurement and demand planning 
  • Extensive reporting options provide you with detailed and meaningful analyses