A solid foundation with open-EIS

As with all our products, our proprietary integration platform open-EIS provides the technological foundation for comm.gps

In concrete terms this has the following advantages for the operations of comm.gps:

  • Designed for international use
    comm.gps is optimally suited for international scenarios thanks to its integrated and easily expandable multilingualism

  • Top-notch process integration and functional adaptability
    Efficient configuration and optimisation of cross-application business processes and workflows on the basis of MDA/MDSD
  • Economically and technologically future-proof
    The extensibility and the scalability of comm.gps ensure a high investment protection

  • Data security at enterprise level
    The architectural separation of concerns between database, business logic and presentation layer provides for maximum security

  • Perfect integration and compatibility
    Full-fledged support for a broad number of operating systems and databases

  • User-friendly rights management
    Intuitive and powerful management of all user access rights

  • Full interoperability with your IT infrastructure
    Automated process-based connectivity with third-party systems

  • Data and process consistency
    Seamless data and process integration in real time with comm.fleet, and comm.object

  • Consistent workflows for your business partners
    Configurable system access for your clients, partners and service providers

Find out about the technological platform open-EIS.