Leasing and Contract Management

Your professional and flexible contract management tool

The leasing and contract management module of comm.object can manage all contract types and supports you optimally with its flexible standard and user-defined contract package definitions. 

In detail this means: 

  • Mapping, processing and billing of any contract type such as object leasing (including full-service leasing), long-term and short-term rental, purchase, financing, external service contracts, in-house object contracts and billing, etc.
  • Configuration of individual contracts deviating from master agreements
  • Automatic generation of offers and summaries on the basis of contract packages
  • Upon order placement offers are automatically registered as contracts
  • Automatic contract coverage control for invoice items
  • Audit-proof storage and management of contracts
  • Freely definable contract recalculations with variable parameters

The leasing and contract management module is covered by the software comm.lease.

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