Short-term Rental and Disposition

Short-Term Rental and Disposition

There is one thing you absolutely need regardless of the size of your object portfolio: A flexible and personalised tool for the management of internal dispositions as well as reservations and rental for external providers.

Leverage comm.object to provide your users with a customised service solution and at the same time maintain a detailed overview of reservations, dispositions and costs. 

In detail this means: 

  • Internal and external resource management for the disposition of objects
  • State-of-the-art graphical tool for disposition (graphical disposition board)
  • Management and evaluation of object categories and utilisation
  • Automated processing of all scheduling and billing activities, including the invoicing of rental fees and contract cost transfer to vehicle users
  • Leverage our extensive controlling and business intelligence capabilities supporting clear and self-explaining graphical visualisations based on freely definable evaluation criteria such as usage rate, life cycle, vehicle costs, etc.
  • Streamline your mobile workflow with our optional web and mobile app and provide your customers, users and contract partners with a time and location independent access to all relevant information