comm.fleet Product Line

Bundle our expertise

Experience the benefits of our ERP portfolio allowing the expansion of our individual products to other application fields and their combination into one comprehensive solution:

comm.fleet - Fleet Management Software
  • Mapping of all fleet business processes
  • Transparency and controlĀ 
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs - Leasing Management Software
  • Processing of leasing, rental and financing contracts
  • Offer calculation
  • Management of leasing objects and vehicles - Mobile Fleet and Leasing Portal
  • Consistent fleet and leasing processes on the Web and on mobile devices
  • Time and location independent access for employees, customers, partners and service providers
  • Seamless and secure integration with comm.fleet, and comm.object - Vehicle Procurement Software
  • Web-based and mobile vehicle configuration and offer calculation
  • Real-time buildability check incl. car policy and cost variants
  • Authorisation and ordering process for employees, customers and clients
comm.object - Object and Asset Management Software
  • Management of any kind of object
  • Leasing and rental of objects
  • Stock / Inventory management
comm.gps - GPS Tracking Software
  • Tracking and effective disposition of mobile units
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Management of work orders and communication with drivers