Our enterprise architecture is the foundation for implementation and integration

The core technology of community4you AG is based on our integration platform open-EIS, which distinguishes itself by the combination of innovative components and establishes comm.object as a unique enterprise solution. 

In concrete terms this has the following advantages for the operations of comm.object:

  • Unlimited possibilities
    Internationality thanks to to multilingualism  - currently available in 12 languages (English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish) and expandable to any other language
  • Excellent compatibility
    Platform independent models (MDA/MDSD) enable fast, workflow- oriented business process implementations
  • Maximum investment security
    The open-EIS architecture supports multiple scaling scenarios and grows together with your requirements (e.g. increased object portfolio).
  • Maximum data security
    The strict separation of data storage, business processes and user interfaces provides the highest level of security
  • Great freedom in strategic decisions
    Leverage the independence guaranteed by the support of a wide range of operating and database management systems
  • Streamlined Administration
    Structural and role-based authorisation concept down to data field level
  • Flexible business processes
    The transaction-oriented SOA architecture of open–EIS as well as bidirectional data exchange interfaces (XML / CVS / TXT), web service oriented protocols (REST / SOAP), SAP interoperability technologies (IDOC / SOAP / RFC) and message exchange architectures provide the foundation for successful integration scenarios in complex IT-landscapes
  • Optimal system performance
    High-performance replication and caching-system provides fast and reliable access to real-time data 

Find out about the technological platform open-EIS.