All the advantages of an enterprise platform on mobile devices

As with the complete comm.fleet product line of community4you AG, the technology of is based on our state-of-the-art integration platform open-EIS.

In concrete terms this has the following advantages for the operations of

The global solution for international companies
Full-fledged support for multilingualism, multi-currency capability and country-specific processes and provisions

Integrated workflow and process management
Extensive business process orientation thanks to MDA/MDSD

Guaranteed future-proof
Granular modularity and continuous scalability at the highest technological level

Secure data for web and mobile access
Our three-tier-architecture protects from unauthorised access

Platform and device independent is compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software systems

Reliable and flexible permission management
Extensive definition of role-based access rights down to field level

Maximum integration
A broad number of interfaces guarantees interoperability with existing and future third-party systems

Continuous data availability and actuality
Optimal and consistent data repository through seamless and distributed real-time data replication

State-of-the-art cloud scenarios for mobile fleet management
The ideal instrument for orchestrating mobile fleet management tasks both in your own system landscape and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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