A solid foundation with open-EIS leverages open-EIS, the proprietary technological and integration platform of community4you AG.

In concrete terms this has the following advantages for the operations of

Operate everywhere
Full support for international deployment - additionally to the 12 languages currently available (English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish), any language can be integrated in the system

Maximum flexibility and adaptability
Easily configurable company workflows and automated business process optimisation thanks to MDA/MDSD

Safeguard your future and your growth
Scalability and seamless adaptation to your increasing requirements

Top-notch data security with optimal user-friendliness
Maximum data security thanks to the architectural separation of data tier, business logic and presentation layer

Limitless integration
Integrated support for a vast number of operating systems and all major database systems

Secure and flexible rights management
Structural and role-based rights management up to field level

Path-breaking interoperability with no compromises
Interoperability with third-party systems thanks to bidirectional data exchange interface technologies (XML / CSV / TXT), SAP integration (IDOC / SOAP / RFC), full-fledged support for web services (REST / SOAP) and message exchange architectures (middleware)

Premium performance with consistent and up-to-date information
High-performance, multilayer replication and caching system for reliable data availability and up-to-date information

On premises or cloud provision
The mix of different cloud models as multi clouds or in combination with on-premises systems within your system landscape as hybrid clouds makes it possible to organize business processes more flexibly, faster and more cost-efficiently

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