A solid foundation thanks to open-EIS

Like all our products, is based on our proprietary technology platform open-EIS.

In concrete terms this has the following advantages for the operations of

Global deployment thanks to multilingualism
Full-fledged support for multilingualism, multi-currency capability and country-specific processes and provisions

Efficient processes at the highest security level
Scalability, high performance and security thanks to our multi-tier SOA architecture

Perfect support for every user, project and IT environment
Seamless integration in any IT landscape as well as full system interoperability

Intelligent and autonomous customisation
Full-fledged personalisation and adaptation to users and processes

Individual visual appearance
Software layout adaptable to customer specifications

Innovative access and permission management
Extensive access and rights management for the coordination of all system accesses and automatic personalisation of the user interface depending on the respective user rights

Optimal interface architecture
Large number of flexible interfaces to third-party systems and integration technologies e.g. SAP and XML

Reliable data consolidation
Transparent data integration with comm.fleet / avoids data duplication and inconsistency

Stand-alone or in combination with comm.fleet / You have the choice.
Deployment of either as a stand-alone web and mobile application for the procurement process or integrated into an existing comm.fleet / system

Cost optimisation and data consistency thanks to external partner integration
Optional and configurable access for external clients, partners and service providers

Future orientation in fleet management
Full support for moving your systems to the cloud as an essential aspect of modernizing your IT

Find out about the technological platform open-EIS.